NJOY Daily cig-a-like

Production Date:
Nov 2015
  • E-cig;
  • Cig-a-like;
Activation type
automatic by withdraw
not rechargeable
Filling material
e-liquid regular
Heater serviceability
Launch region
Power control
Temperature modes
fixed mode/modes
NJOY Daily cig-a-like
NJOY Daily cig-a-like
NJOY Daily cig-a-like
NJOY Daily cig-a-like
NJOY Daily cig-a-like
NJOY Daily cig-a-like
NJOY Daily cig-a-like
NJOY Daily cig-a-like

Njoy brand background

The company started its operations in 2007, located in America. They produce various types of vaping and e-cigarette products and their offices are located in Arizona and New York, among others. This company is one of the leading companies in the vaping industry, and it is very well known. They mostly conducted their business online and in other retail stores located in the United States.
One of the best disposable vapes you will ever come across is a disposable vape from Njoy called Njoy Daily Disposable vapes. This collection of disposable e-cigarettes came after Njoy released Njoy Kings.
The vape comes in three main flavors: rich tobacco, menthol, and blackberry. This disposable vape is equipped with a new battery with QuickVapour technology, which is very powerful and provides up to 300 puffs, and also produces vapor very quickly.

Njoy Daily Flavors

Njoy Daily Disposable Menthol Flavour. Vapers seem to like this flavor the most out of the three others. It's because of the coolness it gives to the throat along with a pleasant sharp flavor. Just like the other three flavors in this collection, it contains a 50/50 VG/PG ratio, which gives a great menthol vapor and flavor. It is a good choice for menthol flavored vape lovers.
Njoy Daily Disposable Blue-Blackberry Flavour. This is also a rather interesting one from the collection. It gives you the taste of delicious blueberries and also hits your throat pleasantly. Vapers who prefer a sweet taste while vaping will love this particular fruity flavor. The VG/PG ratio contained in it is also 50/50. 
Njoy Daily Disposable Rich Tobacco Flavour. If you are a tobacco connoisseur, buy this tobacco! It perfectly conveys the flavor of tobacco and hits the throat pleasantly. It also extracts the tobacco flavor well. In general, every flavor in this collection is great.

Njoy Daily features

Njoy disposable vape is equipped with innovative QuickVapour technology
Had a maximum nicotine level of 45-60 mg/ml
Comes with a white LED indicator
Has an ideal VG/PG ratio of 50/50

Njoy Daily disposable battery features

This is one of the things that makes Njoy Daily Disposable unique. The device comes with a battery that is equipped with a microprocessor designed to improve the performance of the Daily's tiny battery . This microprocessor allows the device to last longer and produce puffs that are pleasantly impressive. Instead of being constantly powered by the battery during inhalation, Daily connects to the battery for a long time at the beginning of the inhalation, so the device starts generating vapor immediately. If you are looking for a vape that gives you almost the same number of puffs as a regular cigarette and provides almost the same sensation as a regular cigarette, then you should consider the Njoy Daily Disposable Vape. In addition to all this, the powerful battery enhances its ability to take very fast puffs at a time. According to the chart on the NJOY website, this means just over 50 battery pulses per two seconds of puffing. This is so fast that you won't notice the difference in terms of usage. NJOY Daily lasts for about 300 puffs.

FDA Grants PMTA Approval to NJOY Daily series

In December 2022 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued marketing granted orders for premarket tobacco applications (PMTAs) for two NJOY LLC tobacco-flavored Daily disposable electronic cigarettes.
The authorization covers:

  • NJOY Daily Rich Tobacco 4.5%
  • NJOY Daily Extra Rich Tobacco 6%. 
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