Logic Vapeleaf

Production Date:
Oct 2017
  • Vaporizer;
  • Closed system;
Activation type
automatic by withdraw; e-liquid regular
without display
Filling material
tobacco capsule
Heater serviceability
Height, mm
Launch region
Length, mm
Power control
Temperature modes
fixed mode/modes
Weight, g
Width, mm
Logic Vapeleaf
Logic Vapeleaf
Logic Vapeleaf
Logic Vapeleaf
Logic Vapeleaf
Logic Vapeleaf

Ploom Tech same as Logic, marketed by JT of Japan Tobacco. Logic Vapeleaf first showed at 2017 NACS Show Tobacco Preview in Oct. 2017.
In 2018 Logic Vapeleaf was launched in the USA as mass product.
Logic Vapeleaf features ultra-low temperature heating of 30°C. There is not even a power button as the heating starts automatically when you inhale. 
The low-temperature variety has the advantage of having virtually no odor and no heat, entirely setting it apart from conventional heated cigarettes.

Logic Vapeleaf flavors

  • Regular
  • Menthol Green
  • Menthol Purple

Logic Vapeleaf technology

In contrast to other technologies, Ploom Tech does not have an on/off button, is not time-limited, and does not heat up in hot environments. Put the cigarette in your mouth to begin puffing when you want to smoke, and leave it on when you want to stop.
You may swiftly pull it out of your pocket when you're pressed for time, smoke a mouthful, and then put it back in your pocket.
This is made feasible by the structure's lack of a power button and the heating system's low temperature (30°C). Even though the Ploom Tech is the same heated cigarette, it performs entirely differently. The features and how to utilize it are described below.

Logic Vapeleaf manual

The kit's inclusion of both a USB charger and an AC adaptor is a plus. You don't have to worry about it because you can use a wall socket or a USB to charge it.
The battery with the logo has a capacity of 190 mAh and weighs 10.5 g. 
USB charger can also be supplied by PC. When combined, they can be plugged in.
It takes 60 minutes to fully charge. The procedure is finished if the red light turns white. 50 puffs are provided by one tobacco capsule, which contains tobacco leaf powder for flavor and aroma (number of puffs). A cartridge can support 250 puffs of e-liquid. This implies that you can smoke five capsules of cigarettes with a single cartridge. Simply put, e-liquid is a mixture of water, triacetin, propylene glycol, and glycerin.
This is the full version of PloomTech that we frequently encounter. Simply breathe in through the capsule's side as is. Per puff, it is set for two seconds. The power is activated and the LED illuminates blue when you inhale. The LED will light blue for 40 seconds after approximately 50 puffs to let you know that the tobacco capsule needs to be changed. The gadget gets discharged if it lights red. You can get roughly 250 puffs out of a full charge of the Ploom Tech. Puff initiates the automatic activation of the heater inside 

Logic Vapeleaf FDA authorization

On March 24, 2022 FDA authorized the sale of three electronic nicotine delivery systems distributed by Japan Tobacco’s US company Logic Technology Development, – two conventional e-cigarettes and one heated tobacco product (Logic Vapeleaf).
FDA withheld the Technical Project Lead (TPL) report that provides the scientific justifications for its decision.

Logic Vapeleaf buy

After succesful FDA authorization US customers probably will see this product again on the market shelves and buy it.