Vape Museum is the first global online museum of vaping with free content. We collect iconic and key products related to the vaping industry.

There is a huge number of vaping products released, that we did not even know of. Each product is a source of information about the past, present and even future of the vaping world.

Unfortunately, the physical storage of all products ever released is impossible. But we can save information about them. By preserving information about an object, we save the object itself. Each item in our museum has its own page with a full description,  accompanying media and files. The database is constantly updated and edited by a team of professionals. We are constantly acquiring new and old products, analyzing them thoroughly and taking detailed pictures. Our goal is to collect the largest knowledge base of the vaping industry and preserve it for future generations.

Vape Museum is an ad-free service, and the information is available for the search by everyone. You can easily save the information from Vape Museum and share it online.

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The project was developed in 2019 and is supported by Wingle Group Electronics.