Dope Magazine - October 2016

Dope Magazine - October 2016

Oct, 2016

About us
DOPE is an acronym for Defending Our Plants Everywhere. The magazine is specialized in publishing articles about medical cannabis and culture of its using in vaping in the USA. It provides cannabis consumption and lifestyle among its readers through monthly print magazines, digital platform, social media handles and events. The magazine’s staff forms the varying backgrounds in design, journalism, sales, event production, finance, and videography to bring its readers a diverse selection of articles, videos, and events.
DOPE is a Lifestyle brand dedicated to bringing a creative and intelligent conversation to the cannabis movement

To make cannabis consumption safe and raise readers' awareness of the cannabis market and cannabis devices producing technologies.

Description of the magazine
The magazine is issued in both ways: printed and digital, and includes articles about history of cannabis using, questions of cannabis market law regulation, articles about technologies used for cannabis production and processing in vape industry.

The company is backed by Hypur Ventures and Poseidon Asset Management and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

Found in 2011