We collect all the values about the vape industry and its technologies in one e-book. On its pages, you can find all necessary information about vape devices, the history of their inventions, and their evolution.

Here you will learn the history of vaping and the industry's details. You will get to grips with how vape devices work and get rid of your biases.

If you're a hardware engineer or industrial designer making your first steps towards the industry, we'll cover the complex devices and the history of engineering and design in vaping in simple terms.

If you're a businessman or sales manager, you'll see a market opportunity you can't pass up from the first chapters. A loyal audience, unoccupied niches, and a variety of products and destinations will allow you to build a cost-effective business.

We share the best with our readers. The e-book is available for free download in the terms of visiting our virtual museum.

Vaping industry intro guide

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