Innokin iTaste SVD

Production Date:
Mar 2013

E-cig; RegModKit;

Innokin iTaste SVD can be adjusted between 3.0 and 6.0 volts in .1-volt increments, and wattage can be adjusted between 3.0 and 15.0 watts in .5-watt increments. iTaste SVD features an industry standard 510 connector, performance-driven silver-plated copper contacts. The SVD will also let check the remaining battery life and atomizer resistance, as well as lock your voltage/wattage setting to avoid accidental adjustments. This is a telescopic mod compatible with IMR 18350, IMR 18500, IMR 18650 or stacked IMR 18350 flat-top batteries without the need for additional tubes or extenders.

Brand: Innokin

Date: 2010-2019

Shape: mod