PMI Heatbar

Production Date:
Jan 2008

Vaporizer; Tobacco; TobaccoStick;

Similar to its predecessor Accord, Heatbar is a new generation handheld smoking device that uses puff-activated technology to heat, rather than burn, tobacco. Introduced in 2006 by Philip Morris International, and was available in Switzerland and Australia, the battery-powered apparatus produces no ash, virtually no odor, and according to Philip Morris, reduces second-hand smoke by more than 90 percent. Heatbar is a pager-sized box in which the smoker inserts a specially designed cigarette; an illuminated display on the device indicates how many puffs of each eight-puff cigarette remain, the amount of power remaining in the rechargeable battery, as well as maintenance needs of the device’s heater cartridge (i.e. whether it needs replacing). The tobacco in the Heatbar cigarette is heated only when puffed; smokers may therefore smoke at their own pace, taking a puff from a cigarette in its holder, putting the device down, and taking another puff some time later. Of note, smokers have to lift the device to their lips for each puff.

Activation type - manual
Charger - custom
Coil quantity - single coil
Coil serviceability - non-serviceable
Display - with display
Filling material - tobacco special size stick
Heater material - metal-ceramic
Power control - constant
Powerbank included - no
Shape - not standard
Temperature modes - fixed
Type of heating - conduction

Brand: PMI

Date: 2000-2009

Shape: stick