TIA Elegance Lipstick Kit

TIA Elegance
Production Date:
Aug 2018

E-cig; Semi-closed;

TIA Elegance Kit is an elegant and stylish lipstick kit designed for women. Filled with TIA E-liquids, TIA Elegance Kit delivers fruity, creamy and cool flavors through ceramic heating element. Flavors: Lady Tabac, Icy Blue, Fruity Shake, Caramel Macchiato, Apple Juice, Red Lemonade, Sweet Love, Orange Custard, Pink Dream.

Activation type -  automatic by withdraw;
Battery capacity, mA - 350
Charger - micro usb
Coil serviceability - non-serviceable
Display - without display
Filling material - e-liquid regular
Heater material - metal-ceramic
Heater resistance, Ohm -1.8
Height, mm - 18
Launch region - US
Length, mm - 120
Liquid refillability - refillable
Pod capacity, ml - 1.3
Power control - constant
Shape - not standard
Temperature modes - fixed
Width, mm - 18

Brand: TIA Elegance

Date: 2010-2019

Shape: not standard