Production Date:
Nov 2010

Vaporizer; Herb; WAX; Oil;

Designed for extraction of both dry material and concentrates, the MiniVap includes two different sized herb baskets and an oil pad for concentrate use. The MiniVap is powered by a high capacity Li-ion battery pack capable of providing 3-5 hours of portable vaping time; a charging dock is included for maximum convenience. The body of the MiniVap is constructed entirely of heavy duty aluminum for durability and maintaining a low operating temperature. The MiniVap also features dual LED notification lights; the back light indicates remaining battery life while the front displays the current temperature setting: Blue - 356°F (180°C), Pink - 383°F (195°C), Green - 410°F (210°C) and Red - 437°F (225°C).

Brand: MiniVAP

Date: 2010-2019

Shape: not standard