V2 Pro Series 3

Production Date:
May 2014

Vaporizer; Herb; WAX; Oil; OEM version; E-liquid;

V2 Pro is a revolutionary line of vaporizers that is redefining the consumer experience. Versatile devices capable of vaporizing three types of ingredients, V2 Pro delivers options andperformance at an unbeatable price-point. Interchangeable cartridges make V2 Pro compatible with three mediums: E-Liquid, Loose Leaf & Wax.

Activation type - manual; cannabis oil regular; cannabis wax
Battery capacity, mA - 650
Charger - custom
Display - without display
Filling material - cannabis dry herb
Length, mm - 140
Pod capacity, ml - 1.6
Shape - cylinder
Weight, g - 54

Brand: V2

Date: 2010-2019

Shape: cylinder