Loto Lux (Evoke) Vaporizer

Production Date:
Dec 2014

Vaporizer; Herb; USP; WAX; E-liquid;

Lot Lux vaporizer was introduced in 2015, recently the device appeared in the mass sale. Loto Lux distributes heat more evenly than current resistance vaporizers, requiring no contact with electrical components. Lux generates concentrated magnetic waves trained on materials, to vaporize them evenly in seconds, maximizing flavor and satisfaction. Compatible with liquids, concentrates and herbal blends. After running a successful crowdfunding campaign to support the development of the world's first ever induction heating vaporizer, Loto Labs has gone on to gain significant media attention, forge invaluable partnerships, and raise substantial investment through to its 2017 launch.

Type of heating - induction

Brand: Evoke

Date: 2010-2019

Shape: not standard