The Vaping Advocate

The Vaping Advocate issue #4

About us
The magazine is issued to educate and inform about research done on Vaping and also shed light on the lobbying from big pharma, FDA, big tobacco, governments, and light the most Important changes in vape market regulation and taxation. The main idea of the magazine is to help smokers make the transition into a healthier vaping lifestyle.

To educate and protect vapers’ rights as an independent culture with its own life-style philosophy.

Description of the magazine
The magazine is issued only in digital way. It has next topics: CBD/Cannabis/Kratom; Experts’ Columns; Vape; E-liquide; Video; Archive. Inside the magazine are several articles on advocacy and how best to make sure our industry remains open and free, with a minimum of regulation and taxation. There are plenty of vaping “leaders” taking part in the magazine, offering original content, interviews, and advocacy techniques.

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Found in 2010