Tobacco International

Tobacco International - quarter 3 2018

About us
The magazine is the leading international trade publication for all stakeholders with interests in the tobacco industry. Working with a large network of correspondents world-wide, Tobacco International Magazine provides high-quality, unbiased editorial on regulations, news, trends, and developments in all aspects of the global tobacco industry.

To cover every sector of the industry in every issue – from leaf growing to manufacturing, marketing, and legal issues.

Description of the magazine
The magazine has average 60000 printed copies per issue and more than 1 500 000 visits per months for digital version. The magazine includes a wide number of topics: last news in vaping industry; new products review; experts’ conclusions about ENDS laboratory tests; taxation and regulation. statistics, business links and more. The archive dates back to 1998 and has over 4,000 articles. The digital version of this magazine also includes the Newsletter (a weekly update by e-mail on all relevant developments in the industry); the Yearbook and E-Cigarette Directory (annual guides with essential business contact information, as well as articles on the latest market information and trends).

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Found in 1998