In 2019 we launched the world's first Vape Museum.
The museum has collected the physical and digital sources of vaping history since 1986. Our storage preserved more than 2000 e-devices (in different generations with technical documentation and detailed specifications).

Over the period of its existence, the museum has collected not only offline materials on vaping in chronological order, but also a repository of printed and online magazines, websites and all sources that help to understand the entire history of vaping from its creation, registration of the device: patents, certificates, 3D models, RMTA etc.

All e-devices and parts are structured by classification types developed by VaporClassification Project:

▪ cig-a-likes,
▪ disposable e-hookahs,
▪ EGO kits,
▪ tobacco heating devices,
▪ cannabis vaporizers,
▪ tank atomizers,
▪ cartomizers,
▪ clearomizers,
▪ cartridges,
▪ pod systems,
▪ disposable pods
▪ and many more.

The vape museum wants to keep the entire history of the vaping industry and help you to understand it, including dates of launches of the oldest devices, components, and identifying key devices in past vaping development.

History of vaping